Calendar Blister Packaging Statistically Improves Patient Medication Adherence


Most of the time, patients forget to take their medications, which can cause significant problems in recouping from the particular disease. It is rated as unintentional non-adherence too. The Omnicell Blister Pack with accurate dates and doses helps patients improve medication adherence. They are the calendar blister packs that help the patients follow the medical regimen goals without any hassle.

Why is Medication Adherence Important for Patients?

Medication Adherence is essential because it includes the directions of taking prescriptions by the doctors. It means that the patient needs to take the medication on time. A patient is said to be medically adherent if they take 80% of their prescribed medicines correctly. However, if patients take less than 80% of their prescribed medication, they are non-adherent.

When a patient forgets to take the required dosage timely and with the frequency stated by the doctors, it is necessary to get the Pill Wallet Blister Pack in a 2 x 7 pill organizer or 4 x 7 blister pack. These blister packs promote independent living as they eliminate the patients' guesswork. It is one of the cost-effective options to be sold by pharmacists. You can get the tri-fold cold blister packs or Omnicell blister packs from the reputed Blister Packaging Manufacturers. They will provide you with medical-grade blister packaging at affordable prices and in bulk too.

Helps in Abiding with the Medical Regimen

If there is a level of dismissal in medication adherence, it can lead to serious health issues in the patients as they are not taking their medication on time. But, the statistics provided by medical researchers from the Healthcare Institutes of the respective countries show that providing proprietary packaging to the patients, especially those with child-resistant and senior citizen-resistant packaging, helps protect the medicines.

The 30-day calendar blister packs from the Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging suppliers make the thing error-free, and patients can freely complete the course of their medication. Moreover, if the patients are kept under close check, their medication adherence improves drastically. It is necessary to procure only those blister packs of the highest standard and are made of pressure-sensitive packs.

At last, increasing medication adherence in the patients is necessary to help them have their medication independent and on time. It is essential for elderly patients. If you are looking forward to the best Blister Pack Supplier in the Canadian region, reach out to R&M Health Supplies representatives today.