Canadian Vinyl Disposable Gloves Suppliers and Manufacturers


Vinyl gloves are used in the manufacturing, medical, health, and safety industries because of their versatile uses. Many reputed sellers sell disposable vinyl gloves in Canada. These gloves are used because they are affordable and available easily. You can get premium-quality disposable gloves and gowns from reputed Canadian manufacturers and suppliers. They sell level 1 gowns at a minimum possible rate.

The disposable gloves are also available at affordable prices with disposable gloves suppliers. These are powder-free gloves that have long-lasting durability and strength. These vinyl gloves have excellent dexterity to use for multiple applications. You can get these disposable gloves in small, medium, large, and XLarge sizes. These gloves are produced from the highest quality material to maintain the premium standard of the product. The gloves and gowns are manufactured according to the guidelines set forth by FDA and medical authorities in Canada.

Why Suppliers Sell Vinyl Gloves?

The disposable glove manufacturers choose Vinyl gloves over Latex or Nitrile gloves because of the following reasons:

• They are made from PVC, which is a petroleum-based film.

• These gloves have an inexpensive manufacturing process that makes them affordable for the medical fraternity and individuals.

• These gloves are mainly used in non-hazardous environments where hazards and problems are low.

• It is quite smooth to wear and work with, making it a good preference for the pharmaceutical and health staff.

• It fits best within the budget of the industries. These gloves work best when people need to work on something for a short period, such as packing the medication or carrying out a general check-up.

• These gloves provide more agility and help the user's hands to move freely. Vinyl gloves are best for people who are allergic to latex material. The dexterity of the gloves supports accomplishing the task quickly and effectively.

The vinyl gloves sold by disposable gloves suppliers are puncture-proof, and the stretching feature helps protect against general wear and tear. Most medical practitioners may not pick vinyl gloves in some instances, especially during primary operations. However, vinyl gloves manufactured with high-grade FDA-approved quality can handle healthcare tasks easily. They can protect the person against harmful bacteria and pathogens too.

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