Paper or Plastic Bags Business Pros & Cons


Were you confused between paper or plastic bag options? Let us explore the merits and demerits of each one of them to land an informed buying decision. Also, don't hesitate to consult reliable plastic bag manufacturers to obtain quality and economical bags.

One of the most critical decisions as an entrepreneur is the way how you wish to be perceived by them. Minute details would impact the business significantly and determine whether they would return. Pharmaceutical bags have been divided into plastic and paper bags. Each one has different qualities and pros along with cons. They are generally obtained from reliable paper or plastic bag suppliers that provide bags according to your needs. Let us explore the pros and cons of each of them to simplify your buying decision:

Plastic Bags



Plastic is non-porous, so it becomes difficult for bacteria or viruses to reside on the surface for extended durations. Several cities are promoting using plastic bags over paper ones due to Covid-19. Also, these bags can be reused, which isn't possible in the case of cloth bags.

Prevents Leaks

Plastic bags are non-porous and also prevent leaks from coming out. Plastic bag suppliers deliver them to food or businesses dealing with liquids as damaged or poorly sealed products might make customers' cars or homes messy.


Plastic bags are very flexible as they mold themselves per the different sizes and odd-shaped products. They can be packed without hassle, saving registering time in return.


Expensive For Customers

Certain states impose charges on customers to prevent them from using plastic bags. It often makes customers unhappy as they are supposed to pay anywhere between 10 cents to Dollars for a bag. As this movement spreads far and wide, you will be interested to learn whether your customers are happy about these charges.

Paper Bags



These bags can hold more weight compared to plastic ones. With this, customers would use a few paper bags, saving costs and minimizing waste.

Presents Brand Well

These bags are rigid and demonstrate your logo when carried by the customers. It will benefit the retail segment in which customers would have the billboard of your brand.

Environment-Friendly Bags

Paper or plastic bags have always been a common topic of debate. The general masses know that paper bags are quite environmentally friendly. You can introduce a green brand by introducing paper bags among the customers.


Not Water Resistant

Suppose the climatic conditions of the business are considered residing in a city where it rains now and then might dampen or tear the bags. It would make the customers unhappy as they tried to make it inside the premises by keeping the items in bags.

Whether it is plastic or paper bags, ensure that the pros and cons of each one are compared before keeping them in your store. If you are searching for a reliable paper or plastic bag manufacturer in Ontario, consult R & M Health Supplies, which has helped many businesses achieve their goals.