Tips To Prevent Medication Errors With Your Blister Packs


People can keep track of their medications using blister packs, commonly called compliance packs or bubble packs. For medicines to be taken at specific times of the day, blister packs have defined sealed compartments or spaces. People who take various medications and have trouble remembering when to take them frequently use blister packs.

Blister packs can help people remember to take their prescription medications at the right time and can help prevent some types of mistakes when properly prepared and utilized. Although manufacturers and pharmacists take great care when creating blister packs, the filling procedure is more complicated than it is for prescription vials.

Below are listed some suggestions on how to use blister packs safely:

● Always check the pack's label. Ensure that the label has your name on it.

● Verify the prescriptions indicated on the label. Verify that they are the ones you expected.

● Know all the details about your medications, including their names, appearances, and recommended dosage times. Examine the contents of each blister before beginning a fresh blister pack. To ensure they all appear proper, check each row separately.

● Check that the medications have been positioned correctly in the pharmaceutical blister packaging if you take them on some days but not others.

● Bring your current blister pack and your new prescriptions to the pharmacist if your medication needs to change. Request that they repackage the medications add any new medications, and take out any that you no longer require. Ask your pharmacist to demonstrate the differences and to go through how to use the medicines correctly.

● Call your pharmacy before taking any of the medications in the pill wallet blister pack if you have any questions.

● Take the prescribed dosages of the medications in the blister pack on time. Call your pharmacist to find out what to do if you realize you neglected to take the medicines from one blister. Inhalers, eye drops, and prescription medications are taken only as needed are a few examples. Keep all your medications in the exact location, including the blister pack.

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