Why Vial Manufacturers Should Consider The Importance Of Packaging

Pharmaceutical industries are often searching for ways to attract customers to their products. Apart from delivering world-class vials, they often focus on the packaging that has become the most frequently encountered and helps them grab the customer's attention. Also, they play a significant role in protecting the vial contents from contamination. Unfortunately, when it comes to packaging vials manufacturers often overlook certain things that would have negative implications on the businesses as well as the health of the customers:

Packaging Design

Obsolete designs and traditional printing technology would turn the customers away. Instead, make sure you associate with a vial producer that develops out-of-the-box designs with unique printing technology that instantly grabs the onlookers' attention.

Printing and Environment Protection

Significant advancements have been taking place in the pharma industry. It has led to a surge in industrial pollution. More and more individuals have started caring about the environment and are taking steps to contribute towards sustainable development. Printing ink is pivotal in quality control, so we have started using green ink over other types of ink.

Types of Printing

Vial Package printing has been divided into planographic printing, intaglio printing, relief printing, and screen printing, commonly referred to as the great and most common printing methods:

Planographic Printing

The planographic method is used to restore the original's color, contrast, and level with high accuracy. It's a widely incorporated printing approach.


1. Provides high-printing accuracy, the most suitable approach for photo and picture printing

2. Convenient plate results in high-efficiency

3. It gives a precise color setting

4. Ideal for mass printing

5. Delivers high-cost performance


1. Ideal for plane printing over curved or irregular surface printing

2. Suitable for highly flat materials like paper, PVC instead of soft plastics, etc.

3. Printing material must possess a certain thickness. Metal, rubber, wood, and other materials, can't be printed.

Intaglio Printing

It is a direct printing method. The inks comprise Gravure prints imprinted on the substrate directly, and the size and depth determine the printed picture shade.


1. It has a wide printing material.
2. It comes with a thick ink layer, uniform ink color, and bright color that gives a strong impression.
3. Digital electro gravure has good printing quality and service life
4. High and stable printing resistance.
5. Extensively applied on water base ink and provided green environment protection.
6. Gravure printing equipment possesses robust printing capabilities and can be connected to other processes.

Relief Printing

In relief printing, the ink on the plate is printed directly on paper as pressure on the raised print is applied. Print is in direct contact with paper and consists of a certain pressure. It leaves a dent or thick ink edge to leave a powerful impression and is used in comic magazines and coarse paper.


1. Uses high-printing pressure
2. The heavy ink gives bright color prints
3. It can use to make curve prints


1. Plate making and revision flexibility aren't good
2. Has low image printing accuracy

Vial packaging is an integral aspect that vial producers at any cost mustn't overlook. Obtain top-quality vials with unique packaging designs from customers' trusted R & M Health Supplies, Ontario.